What is modern style?

The style has strong connections with architecture. Ludvig Mies van der Roche and his idea: "Less is more" is the essence of modern style. In interiors, it is characterised by a simple form, minimalism and functionality. A modern style sofa has geometric shapes, comfortable seats, and its advantage is often a bed function. Its purpose is to create a comfortable space in the living room. It is interesting that furniture defined as modern is definitely timeless – its design will continue to match with many short-term trends in interior design, for which it will provide an excellent base. The core of the colour palette is grey, which refers to the elegance of this style. If you want to choose a piece of furniture that will match your interior both today and in a few years – choose Classy Sophie, Miu Magic, Cosy Claire or Clever Lisa!

How to decorate a modern living room? Take inspiration from our products!

Modern style

Modern style

Modern style


Classy Sophie, Clever Lisa, Cosy Claire, Dreamy Aurora, Homely Tommy, Miu Magic, Nomad System

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