You will find information about the lead times on each product page.

We will produce your furniture within 4-6 weeks. In the case of new models that have just been added to our collection or upcoming holiday period, this time may initially be extended to 8 -12 weeks (this information is then always given on product page).

Delivery of furniture is carried out by carriers cooperating with us. Before shipping your order we will contact you to choose the most convenient time for delivery. Our carrier will then contact you directly to discuss the details.

Accessories are delivered to you within 3 weeks. Parcels are sent via courier companies.

In order to determine the side, we must stand in front of the furniture – the position of the longer chaise lounge determines the configuration. The pictures on our site change automatically when you choose the respective side – this will help you make the right choice.

Below are examples based on the technical drawings which are posted on products pages.


For U-shape corner sofa:


It means that you decide at the assembly stage on which side the chaise longue element will be placed. Then whenever you want, you can switch it to the other side. Corner sofas which are reversibles: Brave Dave corner sofa bed, Classy Sophie Corner Sofa Bed, Homely Tommy, Lovely Annie Corner Sofa Bed, Lazy Lukka Corner Sofa Bed and Lincoln Corner Sofa.

The height, shape and colour of the legs are matched at the model design stage. However, to meet your needs we give you the option to purchase the set in an alternative colour – black or natural.In the Accessories tab, please select the position "Furniture legs" and tick the appropriate colour of the product. In the comments to your order be sure to tell us which model of our furniture you have.

No fabric is completely resistant to the animals. However, experience tells us that some of the fabrics we have in our standard offer are more cat/dog friendly than others. From our standard offer, the most suitable for pets are fabrics marked with symbol LIN and MA.

Our Charming Charlie Sofa Bed Slim is also available in easy-clean, pet-friendly fabric. It will be definitely the best choice for animal owners.

A practical remark: while choosing the colour of the sofa for your interior it is often worth to take into account the colour of the pet's hair.

We offer a very innovative collection with fully removable covers – the Miu Magic collection. We created it with the idea of quick and easy rearrangement of the space, change of furniture colours or simply problem-free cleaning after taking the covers off.

In our standard collection of furniture the covers are not designed to be removable, as this would entail significant production difficulties. However, it is worth noting the Charming Charlie, Simon or Tender Eddie Sofa Bed, for which it is possible to remove the covers from the seat and back cushions.

There are also collections where the covers of the backrest cushions can be removed. These include the Lofty Lilly collection and Charming Charlie.

There are applications and 3D programs for visualisation, but not everyone wants to use them, nor is it always really necessary. That is why we recommend to our clients a very simple and practical way of visualising a space using painter's tape. Using such a tape, we can mark the real size of the furniture we are planning to buy in our own room, on the floor, and thus see how it will fit into our space. This procedure will also allow us to better assess, for example, such nuances as whether after placing a new piece of furniture we will have enough space to pass by. Such issues should be considered individually, as the decision is very subjective: one person will need a metre of space between the cupboard and the sofa, another will need one and a half or even two metres.

Our furniture is usually packed in 1, 2 or 3 parcels, depending on the size of the selected model. Packing in 4 or 5 parcels applies only to selected sets of the Miu Magic collection. 3-person sofa beds, corner sofas and L shape corner sofas are typically distributed in 2 packages and U shape corner sofas are shipped in 3 packages.

We design the packages so that they fit through doors with a standard width of 80 x 200 cm.

After unpacking the elements from each parcel you need to assemble them according to the attached assembly instructions. Some of our furniture needs to be only connected using the existing hooks and fixing the legs. For other models you will also need to mount the armrest. This is not very difficult and the whole assembly process should take no more than 30 minutes. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you.

Please also note that assembly instructions are also posted on product pages under Documentation tab.

Our furniture has the upholstered back in the same fabric as you choose when you bought the product. Therfeore, you can place it freely, even in the middle of the room.

If you need to receive the invoice for your business and not buy the product as an individual customer, your respective invoice data should be provided in the order placement form.

If you have not entered this in your order and it is less than 5 days from the date of placing it, please email us urgently at and we will correct the data and issue you such a document. After this deadline we are not able to change the personal data in your order – we appreciate your understanding.

Please also note that our regular versions of the furniture are not for destined for public use. We will of course process such orders, but please contact us by email or telephone for more details.

Most of our furniture, whether it's sofas, armchairs or corners have legs that are 12 cm high. If your robot is low enough to fit under this height, then the answer is yes. You may find it helpful to use stick-on felts to raise the furniture gently if, for example, there is carpet underneath.

Exceptions to this rule are below mentioned collections, where the height of the legs is 10 cm or less and may cause problems for the robot vacuum cleaner:

Bella Siena,Bouncy Olli, Brave Dave, Clever Lisa, Comfy Claude, Cosy Claire, Dazzling Daisy, Dreamy AuroraHomely TommyLazy Lukka, Lovely Annie, Lucky Lucy, Miu Magic, Sleepy Luna, Tall Paul, Tender Eddie, Charming Charlie Sofa Bed and Slim Sofa Bed

We often tell our customers that all furniture with a fold out type of sleeper mechanism are for occasional sleeping – this is because technically it is not possible to achieve a perfectly flat sleeping surface on both parts of the furniture when it is unfolded. Due to the rounded form of the furniture seats, the unfolded surface is also not perfectly flat. You can sleep on a corner sofa with this system, but for technical reasons you should not expect the same sleeping comfort as on a piece of furniture/bed with a mattress.

The solution to increase sleeping comfort is to buy our topper mattress which you can hide in the bedcase when you do not need it.

Don't have space for a separate bed at home, but want to ensure a perfect sleep?

The solution for you are sofa beds from the Charming Charlie, Simon or Tender Eddie collections, which come with a topper mattress and provide the comfort of sleeping like on a real bed. Those are the furniture that we recommend for everyday sleeping.

Yes, this is a possibility. It is often the case that customers who have our furniture would like to use the same fabric for other interior pieces. In this case, please email us at to discuss the details and the fabric needed.

The photos of the products presented on our website were taken by professional photographers in order to reflect as faithfully as possible the colour and structure of the materials used on your monitor. Despite our efforts they may vary slightly from the reality, as each screen has different parameters affecting the image, such as brightness, colour temperature or often used "night mode" / "blue light reduction mode".

Please also note that all dimensions of upholstered furniture are given in centimetres, with a tolerance of +/- 2%.