Find your style

Loft style

The basis of the Loft style will be the space decorated in slightly raw colours of grey, white or black, use of comfortable, large sofas, corner sofas and poufs – everything to create a space open for meetings with friends or creative work [...]

Boho style

The bohemian style brings the freedom, naturalness and richness of colours. Comfortable, soft sofas with cushions in which you can fall into for long hours and relax as well as the omnipresent fabrics give those interiors a casual character [...]

Scandinavian style

This is an extremely popular interior style, distinguished by its casual character and high functionality. Scandi interiors are bright, decorated with the use of natural materials. The furniture is distinguished by its pure form and high quality of finishing [...]

Glamour style

This style refers to classical palace interiors and introduces a touch of extravagance. In the contemporary edition it is usually a combination of contrasting elements. Characteristic features of the sofas are voluminous shapes and soft, elegant fabrics [...]

Retro style

This style is proof that good design is always in fashion. It refers to the classics of design – the 50s, 60s and art deco. Decorations, high-quality soft materials, ideal proportions of furniture – those are the features which still distinguish it over time [...]

Modern style

The modern style has strong connections with architecture. In interiors, it is characterised by a simple form, minimalism and functionality. A modern style sofa has geometric shapes, comfortable seats, and its advantage is often a bed function [...]